Thursday, June 7, 2018

Over-stuffed With Cake But Overflowing with Gratitude!

Celebrating 5 birthdays, Jim, myself, Emily and 2 boys I babysit, within a week
can leave one feeling a little over-caked...Cheesecake, chocolate cake and carrot cake, oh my!
(I was surprised and treated to a scrumptious carrot-cake baked by my daughter Emily using her hubby's grandma's recipe; the BEST carrot cake I have ever tasted!)
So, while well-stuffed with cake the heart overflows with gratitude!

A collage of the birthday boys-girls-cakes-meals!

For seasoned thrills where seasons spill
For give and take of Time’s free will
For hope and heartache intertwined
One by the other, more defined

For strength for toil, for slumber sweet
For days that never hit ‘repeat’
For boys full of mischief and noise
For girls in pink with dolly-toys

For suppertime where laughter lilts
And adds a patch to memory-quilts
For vintage of life’s distilled joys
That surge of ebbing years deploys

For all the gifts we cannot keep
But leave us breathless in their sweep
For loving’s bittersweet reward
Of hold, let go, we thank You, Lord

© Janet Martin

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