Saturday, May 24, 2014


This day gently tethered by Duty and dream
Dissipates; with it its marvel and muse
No second chance to replenish its dues
Ethereal frigate on Time’s vapor stream
Filling the night with farewells’ fond requiem

Once upon childhood we thought not of years
For Time was a gondola drifting at ease
And we were quite eager for wide open seas
Oblivious to how soon Time disappears
Caught on its ripple of laughter and tears

Silver-mist schooner, soft swiftly you sail
Bound for a shoreline where Time will abort
And all we know is God waits at its port
Where now we lean to peer over the rail
Grasping at droplets of vapor-regale

© Janet Martin

It's late but I wanted to post a little something to try out our new computer after the old one died, suddenly; now we are up and running again.
Hope you all had a happy Saturday.

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