Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This Day of Days

This Day of Days spills sparkle to our step
And laughter to our lips, song to the soul
At longest last the winds of winter sleep
And kiss of kinder port succors earth’s bowl

Where glaze of ice-white induced suffering
The maiden with ten-thousand shades of green
Extends her baton and touches earth's heart-strings
Transforming barren tree to regal queen

My, my, this Day of days is like a hymn
Of Christmas falling down in middle-May
As we gather around the blooming limb
To sing the carols of this gladsome day

…and we forgive Time for its harsher climes
Knowing full-well it keens a purer thrill
As brooding blast relents to zephyr rhymes
And firesides their fantasies fulfill

This Day of days is heaven’s gift to earth
Like laughter after sorrow’s vale of tears
Nature extols its mercy of rebirth
Banishing winter to Past’s belvederes

© Janet Martin

Visiting Brenda who reminds us constantly that It's a Beautiful Life, sparked a song through a quote she posted by E.B. White

"There is another sort of day that needs celebrating in song — the day of days when spring at last holds up her face to be kissed, deliberate and unabashed." ~ E.B. White

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