Friday, May 9, 2014

Someday, my Dear...for Mothers

Someday, I hope you will see Home for what it was...

How clutter and half-empty fruit-bowls were post-cards of love

that laundry meant Living

Someday you'll understand why the vacuum hose was fixed with duct-tape...again...and again

...why though I reminded you that 'M' stood for Mother, not maid, you were blissfully forgetful of it sometimes love is boiled potatoes Homemade doesn't just happen

how the time we picked pussy-willows was much more than just that...

Someday, my dear
I hope you’ll forgive me
For all the things you didn’t have
…for all the things you did

Someday, my dear
I hope you’ll forgive my short-comings
For my heart will never be big enough
To hold all my love for you

Someday, my dear
I hope you’ll see
In a stunning half-breath
The true heart of me

…and how my life
Seemingly, mundane and small
Was not so barren
After all

© Janet Martin

I'm off to tidy and clean some of those 'unsightly' postcards...


  1. Brilliantly compassionate and real. Thanks, Janet. Happy Blessed Mother's Day.


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