Saturday, May 10, 2014

She Loves...a mother's thoughts on Mother's Day

I've often wondered if other mothers like Mother's Day...while trying to pen pretty 'Mother's Day' words, (not hard for my Mother, but hard as a mother) I realized that I have very mixed feelings about this 'day'...

She loves the happy sounds of Love
Sun-sparkles on the air
knowing too often the remorse
of word's unpolished fare

She loves to stand perfectly still
to pray, that her mistakes
will be forgiven by the love
of clean bathrooms and cakes

She loves, while ordinary seems
too ordinary now
for them, she knows that Ordinary
binds all the rest somehow

She loves, not shielded from the grief
of all that Life is not
yet, daily God favors her with
a new day to be taught

She loves, and craves their love
not words, one day of every year
but in glad grins and jiving
that say, 'love you, mother dear'

She loves, her heart an ocean
dashing hard against life's hurt
yet finding, now and then a gem
carved from nothing but dirt

She loves, and prays for quiet zeal
as cards, set on a shelf
proclaim their love and gratefulness (or forgetfulness)
...that she forgives herself


...words from my daughter as I tried to explain my mixed feelings 'don't be so hard on yourself! just appreciate!' 
yes. Thank-you Melissa :)

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