Friday, May 16, 2014

Sacred Awareness

If we, without Awareness of this Great and Awesome thing
Behold, and touch and taste the measure of daily living
And laugh the hollow laughter of the blind leading the blind
Seeking in desperation happiness and peace of mind

…if we shut out the Truth because the Truth is dark with fear
Still then, that Great and Awesome thing will never disappear
For Death, life’s single certainty is every man’s demise
That Great and Awesome Gateway to Hades or Paradise

And if we sadly stumble without Hope, our greatest boast
Then we are, above all men to be pitied the most
For life, this gasp of flesh and blood is not all there will be
Immutable the exchange; Time to Immortality

If we, without Awareness of the One who loves us so
He gave His only Son to die and save us from Hell’s woe
So that we may have Life and have it more abundantly
If we choose to reject The Gift of salvation full-free

…and if we choose to grovel in a most pathetic state
Quelling sacred Awareness of a Great and Awesome Gate
Then, though we gain the world and the cap-sheaf of human boast
We are above all humankind to be pitied the most

© Janet Martin

"You and I are souls", Peter reiterated frequently, "living in bodies".

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