Friday, May 16, 2014

On Being Human


How often have we pointed with pious, self-righteous dirt
at another struggling in living’s quagmire of hurt?

How often have we stolen, for the pleasure of a lie
the very thing we criticized in someone else's eye?

How often have we decorated our sorry state,
knowing full well we will repeat the very thing we hate?

How often have we withheld the forgiveness we all need
to nurse our injured feelings or to justify hates’ greed?

How often have we stumbled, hoping no one saw us fall?
How often have we, by the grace of God, survived at all?

© Janet Martin

Here is a light-hearted, yet profound take on the story shared in the link above.

Daniel Romo
Man gets life for stealing tube socks. -FOX News

I want to believe it was a quality striped pair
sporting character and flair,
rather than an all-black accessory
that conveys uniform necessity.

I’m hoping he swiped the socks
and sped through the mall,
tucked the bag under his arm like a football
he was determined not to fumble,
while he jutted and juked though the food court
until he tired and a team of police
tackled him to the ground,
rather than him simply stashing them in his waistband
and being caught on camera
by an overzealous store manager
looking to score a promotion.

I’m unsure what crimes he committed
those other two times,
or why he risked freedom for
a common, cotton product.
But who hasn’t done foolish things
for the chance to feel something soft, new,
and smooth so close to their skin?

There are times when we live our lives
according to our own laws,
when we give in to sin to see if
what we didn’t have is worth being
imprisoned in a personal jail
and only our conscience can make bail.

I picture the man sitting on the edge of his cell’s mattress.
Leg crossed over the other, foot dangling,
swaying from side-to-side like a  
life-sentence pendulum,     
white socks glowing under prison garb
like shining informants
that will never tell. 

© by
 Daniel Romo.

Used with the author’s permission.

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