Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Of A Mother's Love

Joy bestows its crown where living
Renders Getting in its Giving
Sweet Mother-love, oh, sacred care
Of flesh and blood ordained to wear
The earthly best of toil and test
Not for golden or silver crest
But for grace and humility
To be the best Mom she can be

Honor bestows her subtle prize
In laugh-line kiss and weary sighs
No hall of fame; no accolade
Save that of memories we made
Beneath the wreath of summer bow’r
Or at the evening dinner-hour
While threads of Ordinary wove
Into each child, a mother’s love

Happiness smiles in laundry piles
In shoes worn through by second-miles
For Something money cannot buy
Nor coin its hunger satisfy
But pours a-thousand fold and more
From children singing, slamming doors
Because they know in every touch
Their mother loves them very much

Home; earth’s most cherished estate  
Not by Things we accumulate
But by a Treasure gently spun
With tears and prayer and family-fun
Where none can judge the priceless art
A mother carries in her heart
As she by grace of God will prove
The fullness of a mother’s love

© Janet Martin

Today Emily is coming 'home' for a while. She wants to learn how to make 'mom's potato salad';) But first the 'happiness that smiles in laundry piles' is waiting to be experienced. Happy Hump-day...already?!


  1. Yes! Beautiful.

    So glad Emily lives nearby :-)

    I bet that salad is pure poetry.

  2. I'm so glad too!
    she is out picking up some groceries for the salad, disappointed when I told her my 'recipe' is a pinch of this and a splash of that and a 'please make it taste good' prayer;)


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