Friday, May 2, 2014

Of Moments Gathered In...

The above pics were taken a few days after  May 2nd, 1998 when Matthew was on his 16th birthday 2014 I am taking a few comparison shots because there is nothing 'hatching' as  'little Melissa' excitedly reported 'way back when', that 'the dandelions are hatching!'

Earth is trying to muster a few brave shoots. That year my garden was planted. No one here has a seed in the ground yet. That year spring was an 'early' exception and this year later than I can ever remember...

The over-and-done is swiftly spun
The kiss of death wafts where
We laugh and run beneath a sun
Hungry for season-fare

The by-and-by soon keens our sigh
Its morrow, yesterday
And my, oh my, how soft good-bye
Silvers its gold and gray

The daffodil and tulip spill
Their splash of petal-art
Where moment-will and memories fill
The garden of the heart

…as foot-loose joy of little boy
And freckle-friendly grin
Will soon deploy life’s keen alloy
Of moments gathered in

© Janet Martin 


  1. "the dandelions are hatching!" ha! how cute is that! and your poem too!

  2. it's all good, the kids growing up and that, but when they were little it was such a pure, simple good!!


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