Thursday, May 22, 2014

No Weather in Heaven

No dark sky, no morning sun
but only forever the Lord God's full glory
on and on and on...

Today the rain falls, the sun rises
and everyone suffers, enjoys equally
the same weather, but in Heaven
only the believer will be

In Heaven seasons will flee away need for rain, no drought or storm
To test the faith, faith will be sight
And sight forever Christ the Lord


I was ready to hang out a long line of laundry when the sun disappeared behind low, dull sky and now it looks like it might rain...again.


  1. So very true and beautiful Janet....oh the joys we have to look forward to someday. Thank you for your prayers for Jennifer. They appreciated very much. :-)

  2. Like the new look for your site!
    I wish there were no weather right about now…I am going to visit my parents in Palm Desert, and it is going to be 106 there this weekend. ugh.


  3. Hi Carrie, you're welcome. Sure hope she is doing better, but we know she is in good hands!

  4. Sue, sure wish we could divvy it up a little! We're back down to 40's here with a cold misty rain. I was listening to Prayers by Peter Marshall as I sighed realizing the weather people were WRONG in the forecast and simultaneously Peter prayed, 'oh Lord,we are so thankful there will be no weather in Heaven. Help the gray dullness of the day not to creep into our hearts...'Sometimes methinks Someone has a sense of humor and it really did lift my spirits to be reminded!

    While we try to keep warm I wish you a 'keep cool!:)'


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