Monday, May 26, 2014

Life is More Than Light Cajoling...

 Around here the trees have suddenly burst into bloom and life seems 'refreshed' but...

Life is more than light cajoling
Night to morning, morn to night
It is more than moments rolling
In Time’s tireless tick-tock flight

Life is more than bitty seasons
Spilling wonder to our gaze
More than Reason’s futile reasons
To annul our foolish ways

Life, for all its slip and stumbling
Life for all its moment-boast
Is more than a faith-fear fumbling
Nor the grave its uttermost

It is more than nature’s showcase
More than yearning shaped in years
It is not a road to no-place
As its last mile disappears

Life is mercy’s grand enrollment
To a roster, Jesus-bound
For He suffered our atonement
Therefore life is holy ground

....and we are Love’s blood-bought children
Not bound for some dead-end goal
We are dust-to-dust creation
Harboring an ageless soul

Therefore life is like a pathway
Time, its sweep of sky and sod
Death, the awful, awesome gateway
Leading to the throne of God

© Janet Martin


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