Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let's Call it a Day

A carry-over from the PAD challenge prompt yesterday; let's call it a day! Guess what; it is almost sunny!! We have been and are going to be wet, wet, wet for a little while yet...

Let’s call it a day
I know, it isn’t night
But Time has much too much to tease
A poet’s appetite
And I would hate to miss
Its marvel of romance
Because I didn’t taste its kisses
When I had the chance

Maybe another day
We’ll work til way past dark
But now I want to hear the hope
Of bud bejeweled bark
And Time waits for no man
Although we dare not shirk
Our Duty for too long, sometimes
We need a break from work

The wanderer is rich
In things money can’t buy
He marvels how the earth flows like
A freeway to the sky
And every season God
Embellishes its lea
With miracles to rare for word
In nature’s poetry

So, let’s call it a day
Though it is barely noon
The banister where children play
Outgrows us far too soon
And how sad it would be
To grow old without rhyme
Missing God’s poetry because
We didn’t have the time

© Janet Martin


  1. " hear the hope
    Of bud bejeweled bark..."
    Oh, what a lovely phrase to lure anyone out into the spring day!
    Thank you, Janet, for sharing.

  2. :) thank-you! we are waiting for warmth!!! but between showers I did get out for a little bit (in my winter coat:(


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