Monday, May 19, 2014

Just Like An Afternoon

She told me she would read while we walked to make time pass quickly...and the way home seem shorter...

 ...she didn't know that if  I could I would hold on with both hands and dig my feet in to slow down the afternoon and stretch out the miles but its no use; in the tug-of-war with Time, Time always wins! Next year Victoria will be gone with the youth group on Victoria Day weekend, so we wanted to make it a special Mom and Victoria 'last time'. We did:)

Time takes no holiday
How soon an afternoon
Slips into gowns of evening gray
Like May slips into June

The banter of an hour
Distracts us from the truth
Its laughter like a new-born flower
Or prettiness of youth

The purple hyacinth
Blooms wild on yonder slope
Where we explored spring’s labyrinth
Windswept and drenched with hope

Where, but for poetry
No wisp of it remains
Perfection but a fantasy
Of thought-echoed refrains

…where once three girls dashed free
On childhood’s lilac-breeze
Before they disappeared, where dreams
Beckon new memories

Just like an afternoon
Sun-kissed in middle-May
Always the evening comes too soon
And hurries it away

© Janet Martin

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