Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Into Night's Silence

 It was such a gorgeous introduction...night meeting dawn! (oops, now my camera is a day behind)

Into night's silence, morning reaches
As a breath of breeze is stirred
Then the singing of a bird
Trills as coral skims yon breaches

A new day is gently waking
Chasing sable from night’s sea
Spilling opportunity
Like a gift free for the taking

Darling, so much is uncertain
None can tell what will befall
Or what ink of Time will scrawl
Ere dusk draws its violet curtain

But this one thing we know surely
Every hour passes through
God’s most kind and tender view
He holds His children securely

Into night's silence Mercy reaches
Barring not one gasp of grace
As dawn slips from Love’s embrace
And Time on our behalf beseeches

© Janet Martin

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