Monday, May 12, 2014

For Promises of More

Wisdom crieth without the gates; Her voice a wailing wraith
How long will we refuse Her for a knowledge void of trust
Complacency of fools entices us from founded faith
As we exchange Her gifted gain to grovel in the dust
And want replaces wisdom; greed, a god of vanity
Cannot begin to fathom Her unsoiled intimacy

How easily faith falters craving fortune formed of sight
How rather we prefer the facts than waiting, wondering
Without the proof of answers that we understand as right
While ever yet we pray and plead, the silence thundering
With what ifs, why and wherefores that are not clearly revealed
As true love of obedience requires Self repealed

Old customs fall away beneath Time’s frantic, forward urge
The New boasts bigger, better than those ancient things we learned
Its music of progression as past-present-future merge
Accepting the Unthinkable which our forefathers spurned
But what God promised long ago He promises now, still
And Faith even as mustard seed can move a mighty hill

Wisdom cries in the streets; the noise of vain self-righteousness
Would drown Her, yet the Lord by wisdom founded all the earth
And He is ever greater than Time’s faint covetousness
Patient, He tends the cradle where knowledge waits to give birth
To Her which gives life not to flesh and blood, but to the soul
Immaculate perception where fear’s futile legions roll

© Janet Martin

Reading in the first few chapters of Proverbs this morning...and struggling with my mustard-seed faith.

In the book a Man called Peter, Catherine Marshall, the author writes after stunning proof of God's faithfulness when looking back over a trial in their life...
'One of the excuses we offer for our lack of faith is the old cliche ' God helps those who help themselves'. Rather, God helps those who trust Him to solve their problems.'

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  1. Our daughter's parents-in-law live in Nova Scotia so they Skype regularly as well. Aren't you thankful for technology!!?

    The missing I do is purely nostalgic;)She drops in at home regularly.


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