Monday, May 19, 2014

Bards of May

How merrily the bards of May
Spill sweetness to earth’s calloused gray
Now shouts the rising sun to earth
Of longing quelled, of glad re-birth
And hearts, mantled with bleak despair
Embrace May-song like answered prayer

How graciously the bards of May
Ease somber filament away
Oh, bonny bliss of green and blue
Of purple kiss and golden hue
We gaze with beggarly delight
On orchard haze of pink and white

How free and fair season’s bequeath
This thing of air; we lie beneath
The lacy arch of wreath-plumed bark
Where noon sprawls high, its gilded arc
A pleasant, poetic disguise
Where Time slips past our half-closed eyes

…as merrily the bards of May
Tease trees and meadow-lands to play
The tune we crave in winter’s grief
Of sighing grass and lilting leaf
Where soon mid-May reality
Is naught but bits of poetry

© Janet Martin

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