Thursday, September 12, 2019

Summer-heart Solace...September!

 A bunch of collages to give a glimpse of this poem's inspiration...

Cricket-concertos; no one needs a ticket
Front-row grass-bleachers to sunset-crowned thicket
Sun tans soft-swaddled in warm-knitted strings
September mingles sweet-summer-fall things

Cinnamon, persimmon-turmeric splashes
Summer and autumnal madrigal clashes
Kindling keened senses to Time’s roan and gray
Drawing earth’s chariot of flowers away

Fear-of-frost warnings and morning a-glitter
Dewdrops enhancing web-spun art of spider
Mountain-ash garnet against sapphire sky
Goldenrod glory runs wildly awry

 One day a scorcher, the next day a-shiver
Wind through the orchard sounds like a rushed river
Poplar tress quivers, silver violin 
Tucked 'neath an invisible minstrel's chin

Want and wish wavers where sun-shadow dapples
Fruit-havens laden with laughter and apples
Who can lament such a season as this
September soothes summer-hearts with fall-bliss

Gardens are bursting with bounteous offers
Cooks cater to its comestible coffers
So much to harvest from doubt’s faithless snare

Breath-taking worship to Time's Tender Lender
Moon rise and sunset in synchronized splendor
Who but our God could contrive such a show
Eyes to the heavens from earth's wee plateau

September sutures the wounds we would suffer
But for its dusky, musky beauty-buffer
Where summer-hearts feel farewell’s tender tug
September wraps us in a big bronze bear-hug

© Janet Martin

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