Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Something 'bout September

Dear August, I forgive you for our parting, bittersweet
Something about September always sweeps me off my feet
The Beauty of Her bearing begs me not to waste a day
In sentimental staring at what August bore away
Each month has its surprises; world of wonder is renewed
And something ‘bout September tolls the soul with gratitude

Where from field, garden, orchard, rolls a tide of harvest hymns
Where from each ditch, marsh, creek-bed a wildflower haven brims
Where school buses dot highways with their faithful come and go
Where walnut trees start dropping leaves in flakes of molten snow
Where goldenrod torches beam bright against the paling loam
Where something ‘bout September feels a bit like coming home

As hearts begin to soften at the thought of cozy hearth
As soil begets its extra toil from goodness of the earth
As canning-baling-combining days, excite and exhaust
As summer gains momentum till the will of it is lost
In a euphoric tangle of sun-spangled golden-ness
As something ‘bout September fills us with pure happiness

© Janet Martin

A great start to September!

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