Friday, September 6, 2019

Best Sweetest Ever....

 I've discovered something in my lifetime of being around children;
(starting with being a big sister to many younger siblings
then becoming Auntie Janet, then mother, Sunday School Teacher, child care-giver
and last but by far not least, Grandma!)
Through all this I've come to realize that every single child is the Sweetest Ever!

Our Sweetest Ever Grand-daughter turned 5 mos. last week!

Her Sweetest Ever Brother is quite a handful ham...
Photo credit goes to their mom!

The little girls in my childcare leave me speechless with utter joy
by the Best, Sweetest Ever!!! did all my previous kiddos, drawing the conclusion below!

Oh, there is no one quite like you
So pure, perfectly innocent
You make all that we say and do
A sacred sort of wonderment

You are the Best; I know it’s true
And I can tell you this because
Each precious One and Only You
Is the Best Child there ever was

© Janet Martin

...and on a final note, don't you think that is how God loves each one us?!

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