Friday, September 13, 2019

A Mighty Force Invincible

Because of this love we often do things
we would never have chosen to do on our own
and we leave undone the things we once wanted to do.
Love is as strong as death when it once gets full possession of a person
 it will completely carry them away 
and love to God is indeed a mighty force …
Charles Spurgeon

We love because he first loved us.
1 John 4:19

 The poem below was inspired by the above wonder-full 
worth-your-well-spent-while message!

Lord, you know what we love the most and why we choose the things we do
You know that we are prone to boast; Lord, let our boast be love for You
For we do not love without cause; Your love came first and set man free
Then let earth resound with applause of death to self through love for Thee

Let love not fill its due (a pew) and mingle with the Sunday crowd
Then rush to Monday’s work-to-do and blush to speak your name out loud
But let us shout our claim to love (Your name) let hearts be overcome
To live with joy, not shame, because of what Your Love has saved us from

Let us enlist in love’s pure force and serve the Captain of the Soul
Nothing can veer love’s corps off course as we march God-ward to its goal
Then, with eyes set on Recompense let love suffer long and be kind
Let not one shred of evidence of the ‘old man’ remain behind

Let love completely carry us; a mighty force, invincible
We love because You first loved us; oh, glorious, flawless principle
Then, forbid we, once having heard should still shy like a skulking fool
No bone is broken by sheer word of unbelief’s cold ridicule

Lord, loose that sacred fire-storm that vanquishes all fear and doubt
Let love’s compelling force reform our utter being inside out
So that someday with heaven’s throngs in everlasting sweet accord
We’ll sing for aye the victor’s song ‘we love You, Lord, we love You, Lord

© Janet Martin

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