Thursday, September 5, 2019

A Sometimes Poem For All-Times...

Sometimes a meal made of muffins and milk feels fit for the finest of kings
And even a mess spilled midst happiness is counted ‘mongst life’s sacred things
Sometimes the blue sky above you and I, flawless backdrop to ‘just livin’
Makes the smallest task seem as if we were asked to work in the foothills of Heav’n

Sometimes just to sit in the garden a bit is better than trips abroad
To spend an hour face to face with a flow’r amazed at the hand-work of God
For time flits by like a butterfly, like a sparkle of sunlight on sea
And all that we hold of moment-gold molds touch-and-such into memory

Sometimes when life’s brush is the colour of rush its good just to pause and pray
For the one who cares for the one who bears hard illness that won’t go away
Its good to slow down and kiss the sun-kissed crown of little mister or miss
And recognize the precious prize unraveling in Now’s westering This

Sometimes when the swish of the millionth swing-push has lost the thrill of the thanks
Or the millionth mile made of laundry piles makes smiles feel like wooden planks
It’s good to recall those who sacrificed all …while we gripe at pricey ‘stuff’
It’s good to give praise to the Giver of days kind-heaped with more-than-enough

© Janet Martin

...while writing this poem the insurance company called to ask for pictures of our oil tank which, if it doesn't pass the test means new furnace and water heater ASAP, but I determine not to let it dampen spirits on such a sunny September day! (that began with almost-frost!)
The B-r-r part of September-r-r is definitely making itself known very early!


  1. Love this, Janet! Really like the last line in the first stanza: "Makes the smallest task seem as if we were asked to work in the foothills of Heav’n".

    Oh wow about the almost frost. Thankfully we've been have a few proper summer days around here. Grateful for them.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...
    Brenda xox

    1. Yep! that almost frost was a bit of an eye-opener! Thankfully the days still turn warm!


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