Monday, September 30, 2019

A Prayer and A Humourous Parable

 It's a busy life isn't it?!
Hopefully never so busy that we forget what truly matters!

Building for Eternity!
Our church is adding onto its building because we are running over with
the future church aka young families/children!
We are all invited to be part of the donators Big Picture
in these exciting times of growth!

I was convicted humorously yesterday in my Sunday School class of grades one-to-three girls...
One big sister was so delighted because
she earned four mini chocolate bars after finding the verse first in a Bible sword-drill.
Her little sister, quite envious was sobbing quietly.
Big sister put her arm around her and whispered, 
"don't worry! Jesus is still your friend and you can still pray to Him"
...cold comfort to the one who looked at the chocolate tucked securely in her big sister's pocket!
How often are we guilty of the same kind of response!
'praying' for the 'needs/needy' while our pockets bulge?!

Giving is the one thing with a guaranteed return!

 Then Lord, I pray...

That greed should never bid me turn from need, unfeeling, bold and cold
That love would walk the second mile where no one but You will behold
And Lord, that whereas I am able I would give with meek intent
Remembering You set the table heaped with what Your mercy lent

That leer of fear won’t render fruitless the labourer of Your field
That far, far more than duty bids me to be mindful of the yield
That the purpose of loves' endeavor would never be self-apprised
And Lord, if I should spurn Your whisper that I would return, chastised

That the ever-dwindling measure of my numbered days on earth
Would not be spent seeking pleasure but bent on far greater worth
That a kind, careful awareness would keep mind and conscience keened
Lest seared by the repetition of love’s perfect law demeaned

That, when my time on earth is finished and the final battle won
That then full joy will be accomplished when I hear these words ‘well done’
And that the Substance of Things hoped for, evidence of things not seen
Will instill in me such a hunger that nothing can come between

© Janet Martin

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