Monday, September 30, 2019

Of The 'Commonplace'...

 Many are the times, whether as a young mother or a middle-aged mother and grandmother
I have gazed at loved ones and thought,
"I want to remember you exactly like this"
but I never do...
Time always replaces the old with the new
reminding me that what may seem like a common Monday morning mess really isn't at all!

I want to remember you
How you are right here, right now
But I know I never do
Time erases you somehow
Lending to love's subtle chase
New and precious commonplace

I, with all my best intent
Cannot seal upon fond gaze
Images of endearment
For Time cannot change its ways
Kissing to each form and face
Whole new frames of commonplace

I have dared to shake the cage
That insists upon its due
Futile to grapple with age
Time insists upon the new
Turning into treasured space
That which seemed so commonplace

Then, with kind humility
I will love with tender heart
This small part of you and me
Where the brush that grants its art
Leaves me breathless by the grace
Of ‘no such thing as commonplace’

© Janet Martin

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