Thursday, September 19, 2019

Dear September...(on behalf of summer-lovers)

Then fill the afternoon with staccato of cricket trill
Lead us into temptation just to linger and be still
To revel where the bevel of blue sky is growing pale
As we sense nature revving up for autumn’s wild exhale

Then saturate the waning days of summer with warm gold
The wander-lands that you command are lovely to behold
Where flower-borders seem to burst with colour’s numbered days
Ere first frost extinguishes fronds like candles snuffed of blaze

Then forgive us if we decide to take the slow way home
And marvel at the countryside unfolding John Keats’ poem
Where something in our heart of hearts seems tied to Time’s intent
And feels the tug of orchards, fields and gardens, harvest bent

Then wend your way to What Must Be but do not hasten so
Grant us permission to be sentimental as you go
To watch the tumbling bee bumble from bloom to bloom to bloom
To laugh while summer’s farewell autograph runs out of room

Then let us soak in saunas made of moments steeped in mist
And let us lie beneath the sighing arc of leaves, sun-kissed
And let us lavish with fond gaze, the days we dearly love
Because, it seems like summer is never quite long enough

© Janet Martin

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