Monday, November 26, 2018

Something Worth Singing About!

 Inspired during our communion service yesterday as we worshiped the One 
who washes away our guilt and our penalty...
Inspired as we sang this hymn!

Have you ever pondered/marveled in all that is washed away in the blood of Christ?!

Washed away; the fear of dying
Fear of condemnation’s rod
Guilt’s inheritance relying
On the blood-bought grace of God

Washed away; the weight of worry
Where the gates of Hades loomed
What a miracle of mercy
Frees the soul to Satan doomed

Washed away; death’s sting and vic’try
Washed away, self-righteous pride
Where God’s righteousness took pity
Through faith man is justified

Washed away, doubt and confusion
In the flood at Calvary
Jesus washed away Illusion
With the Truth that sets us free

© Janet Martin

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