Friday, November 16, 2018

Braving The Elements...

With a house full of snow-happy youngsters it's impossible not to feel a little 'inner-child revived
I read a quote the other day; 
If you choose to hate the snow you will still have the same amount of snow...just far less joy! 

So, though I would not chose Winter to begin in early to mid-November
I determine to brave its beauty with joy!

Babies gaze in sheer amazement
Mittened-mufflered children shout
Reviving in older ‘Brave-sters’
What winter is all about

Happiness is snow-stars falling
Push and dig and pull and plow
Braving happiness, my darling
Always happens here and now

Wake once more thine wide-eyed wonder
Seasons slip through skin with ease
Wear thine hoary crown with tender
Reverence for memories

Carry no tomorrow-sorrow
But acquaint thy weathered joy
(Through the bravery we borrow)
With thy inner girl or boy

For this blur of howling hunger
Weans us from earth’s seasoned prow
Not with hopes of growing younger
But with humble here and now

© Janet Martin

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