Monday, November 19, 2018

In Case This Is It!

 In case today is our final farewell...
how are we/did we do?

Suddenly splitting wood (and cleaning around the woodstove)
and starting a fire seems like a sacred chore😉

I just re-evaluated my good-byes this morning...
 (I've done better but I've also done worse)
to # 1, "Drive safe. I'll be praying for you! 
(he's back in school for part 2 of an apprentice-ship program)
to #2...highschool-girl. A prayer together and 'have a good day'
to #3 hubby/breadwinner a quick kiss see ya' and 'have a good week'!
(among other conversations too 30-year marriage-like to bother you with the details-wink-lol!)
This poem was inspired by something in one of those door-way conversations...

In case this is the last time
We jump out of bed
Butter bread
Pour coffee, 
or bow our head to pray
Or pick a tie
Or wave good-bye
Or watch the rosy sky 
wake up the day

In case this is the last time
They see our face
Feel our embrace
Hear our voice, 
did we scowl or laugh?
Did we take love’s chance
While time still grants
Its song and dance 
to make life a beautiful autograph

In case this is it
No more stubbing toe, o-h-h-h!
Or second cuppa joe,
Or splitting wood, 
Or dream or plan
Did we do our best
So richly blessed
To make the most
With what we have while we still can

© Janet Martin

Oh! you wanted to know what that doorway conversation was?!😊😉
Well, it was something like
"I almost have more than I can carry!" says he
to which I replied mischievously on purpose, 'more than you can carry!!! SO richly blessed!'
Though I knew he meant before he said 'a good wife would put on her boots and help her man'
(even if I thought it appeared he was managing just fine!)
(even if I just took them off after loading up the garbage and he didn't say anything😐)
(even if I think I'm entitled to a gi-r-r-l-growl now and then!)
even if...whatever the excuse!
... as he drove away I thought, h-m-m!
 if that was our last good-bye I would wish I had put my boots back on and 'helped' him

"In Marriage; it is the little things that are the big things."
When we got the above quote in a wedding card I didn't 'get' it like I do now!

Calls for a re-run of this song!


  1. Oh, so many things "I didn't get" before and only beginning to get now. I guess it's supposed to be that way, isn't it? If youth understood it all it would be middle-aged :)
    Wonderful poem, Janet. Life is so precious, and so fragile. God bless. Enjoy your snowy November by the fire! Not a flurry where I am, but I'm not complaining :)

    1. Thank-you, we are keeping cozy on a blustery day! winter crowded autumn out much too early this year and I'm sad about That but trying to make the best of This 'cause it flies by too...another thing we've learned by middle-age:) Yes, life is indeed our most precarious preciousness! God bless you too. I think of you often and breathe a little 'Lord, wherever she is and whatever she is doing, bless and keep' prayer!

    2. Thank you, Janet. I think about you often as well, my very special Canadian-Pioneer Woman-"never actually met you" friend :) God bless you and yours.

    3. haven't met...yet! who knows? my 'somedays' are pretty full of hopefully's and this is one of them!
      Hugs and happy child-caring!
      (I'm still chuckling over the Canadian Pioneer Woman... LOVE it!)


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