Monday, November 19, 2018

Autumn-dreamer's Dirge

 Compared to last Monday's mad dash to get the yard, driveway, garage and rain-gutters
 cleared of leaves that fell at inevitable last

 ...this Monday feels like a soft, white sigh...(but oh, what an ocean-surge a sigh can hold:)

Gone, the green-some chatter
Of the leafy tress
Tapestry of tatters, love
Tucked beneath whiteness

Gone the gloomy bearing
Of the tree-line doffed
Naked branches wearing, love's
Whispers white and soft

Gone, dusk’s musky, mellow
Lisping lullaby
Farewell turns to hello, love
Falling from the sky

Gone, the flowered garden
Filled with colors bright
Winter’s wizened Artisan
Chooses white on white

Gone, the yawning pleasure
Of a sun-drenched chair
Vault of ice-white treasure, love
Sparkles everywhere

Gone, the tide of tatters
Strewing yards and streets
Summer’s sigh and chatter, love
Sleeps beneath white sheets

© Janet Martin

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