Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hope Is The Hunger

PAD Chapbook Challenge day 14: write a hunger poem ...

Gratitude Conquers the sin of Complaint!
It does not however fill wholly/holy, the hunger!

Longing, a lion that no one can tame
Who knew a roar could be soundless and still
Ocean-like surges without form or name
Honed by a hunger this world cannot fill

Longing, a hurt only heaven can heal
Tugging where love’s count-your-blessing streams pour
Still, in the middle of wonder we kneel
Crying where craving and need plead and war

Gratitude conquers the sin of complaint
Faith feels a Father’s whisper, ‘peace, be still’
Love is a lifeline where else we would faint
Hope is the hunger that heaven will fill

© Janet Martin

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