Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Pointless Protest

PAD Challenge 21: For today’s prompt, write a protest poem.

You move through us without motive
My, but how you steal our breath
Easing from the tree each votive
Where life always ends in death

Time, don’t be in such a hurry
My, but how you steal an hour
While we laugh, love, weep, work, worry
You ease petals from the flow’r

Giver-taker, thrill and torment
My, but how you steal our days
Never settled for a moment
Where your prelude-postlude plays

Time, don’t hasten your precision
My but how you steal a year
Never slowed by indecision
On this road of now and here

Never deterred by our pleading
My, but how you steal a life
Drawing us from want and needing
Where your kiss cuts like a knife

Time, don’t let us lose our hunger
My, but how you softly steal
Until curse and holy wonder
Are silenced beneath your wheel

© Janet Martin

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