Tuesday, November 6, 2018

On Finding Peace...

PAD Challenge day 6: today’s Two-for-Tuesday prompt:
  • Write a lost poem. Or…
  • Write a found poem.
Sometimes joy and peace are hard-fought battles! 
Impossible unless we release our hold on the controls...

The heart, where tempest-torrents crash
To shatter hopes and dreams
Where what it holds should stretch its sash
‘til bursting at the seams

Where wars the force of good and ill
Where Self and Godhead spars
To harbour quite a spectacle
...Impulse Tattooed With Scars

Where finger-pointing attitude
Can damage and destroy
The cup that should hold gratitude
And be the mold of joy

Where nothing in the world can grant
With capital increase
The Thing that we all seek and want
Found through surrender; peace

The heart can be a stubborn mule
Fueled with foolish pride
But there is one who pulls the tulle
Of flesh and blood aside

…and sees that root of prized evil
And knows what we do not
Who cannot give us peace until
We do the Thing we ought

And to the One who calmed the storm
With three words, ‘peace, be still’
The heart also can find this calm
With three words, ‘not my will’

© Janet Martin

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