Friday, November 30, 2018

Ageless, Timeless...Poetry

 Happy Birthday, Lucy Maud Montgomery
(a kindred spirit)
A highlight on our east-trip this fall 
was visiting the birthplace of one of my all-time favourite authors!

Ageless, the angst of ink and pen
Where poem-painters thirst
Feeling betimes most blessed ‘mongst men
And bitter-sweetly cursed

Timeless, the taunt of airborne font
That tries the heart of thought
And wages wars where word and want
Must meld in metered jot

Ageless, an hour’s arabesque
Luring the poet where
Each flower is a writing desk
And every leaf a chair

Timeless, the love of poetry
And wonder's appetite
Where pray God, there will always be
A poem left to write

© Janet Martin

my 'keepsake' from her house...


  1. oh Anne of Green Gables - my all time favourite! Lucky you getting to visit.

    1. dream come true.I am always on the look-out at used book stores and thrift stores for L.M. Montgomery's writings. A definite highlight of the trip and the second one was speaking to someone who personally knew Beth Powning...another one of my all-time favorite authors who lives in New Brunswick! Have you read her books? The perfect read for moms around our age!I was given an indigo gift card for my birthday and redeemed it yesterday buying her latest book A Measure of Light! I was saving reading it til I had my own copy because her books are always full of highlighted favorite lines and paragraphs by the time I'm done with them! Edge Seasons, a memoir will always be my fav though.


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