Thursday, November 8, 2018

Something to Jar The Senses

 PAD Challenge 8:For today’s prompt, write a poem that hints at something.

Time holds a ladder through the stars
The rungs of it like gray-gold bars
Where fold on fold of day to night
Eases its climbers to a Flight
That none returns from to extol
The Mysteries that wait the soul

This scope to which Thought is contained
Though it may roam quite unrestrained
Cannot contrive the heights and deeps
Though with most adroit strains and leaps
It tries to visualize and gauge
The vastness of Soul’s boundless age

After Time’s tempo loses pow’r
No tick by tock to mark the hour
No night to day to veer or steer
Us far away or ever near
To where beginnings or ends roll
To change the future of the Soul

© Janet Martin


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