Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Majesty's Showcase

 Any of you long time porch-visitors HAD to know this song was coming😀
 It's one of my favourite almost Christmas snow-songs!

The sullen bars of earth are swaddled in a starry spree
It decks the scars of plant and harvest with soft purity
As boulevard and yard and hill
Where songs of summer-long lie still
Are like a Christmas postcard hung for everyone to see

The pot that Old Man Winter’s been a-stirring day and night
Has overflowed at last in feathered froth of downy white
As street and fallow field repose
Beneath the diamond-dazzled throws
Where Mother Nature warms her toes and shivers with delight

Each fence-post is a snow-cone and each frond a piece of lace
Each barren tree a metaphoric Masterpiece of grace
Where Mercy clothes the naked world
In bolts of sequined silk unfurled
And turns all of creation into Majesty’s Showcase

© Janet Martin

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