Friday, November 30, 2018

From a Middle-aged Poet to Those Testing Deep Word-Waters

I am too old to be fooled by your lies
Though you dressed them in the best disguise
Of words that slip smooth from the tongue
And would have seduced me when I was young

I am too old to be caught off-guard
By the flattery of a wanna-be Bard
Where unchaste word-play is no longer enough
To convince me of matters as serious as Love

I am too old to unlearn well-set traits
I don't have the energy for scholastic debates
Forgive me if I seem antiquated because I rhyme
It is all too true, you can blame Father Time

I am too old to be bothered by years
Or the threat of youth as it disappears
I am not in your debt for an apology
If I am not impressed by your undressed vanity

I am too old to shrug off your mistakes
And I’ll always love you, no matter what it takes
Because someday you’ll look back (if my prayers come true)
To feel like a mother to poets like you

© Janet Martin

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