Thursday, May 17, 2018

To Miss Better-Late-Than-Never Spring

 Once again we are wowed by the wonder of it all!

'Do not I fill heaven and the earth? declares the Lord'

You come with flowers in your hair
A sunny smile upon your face
You plop into a grassy chair
Where you know that we save your place

You spill to hill and field and nook
The green we thought would never come
And all the jolly time you took
To getting here is forgiven

You unfold budded miracles
And steal our hearts (you always do)
The bird-breeze- brook-song canticle
Replaces bully gales that blew

Violet, crocus, daffodil
And plethora of petal-kin
Repeat their sweet-spring-flower thrill
To we who grin and grin and grin

...and welcome you with open arms
At last, it seems you heard us call
Where we fall fast into your charms
As if you were not late at all

© Janet Martin

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