Friday, May 11, 2018

Like No Other...

Nobody else can take her place
In loves that life may offer
One wears a truer, kinder face
Than any, any other

She leaves behind the girl she was
To answer life’s great honor
No more to serve herself because
Of love’s Call placed upon Her

Where innocence delights and charms
With blessing beyond number
When God bestows to *anxious eager arms
Life’s dearest, sweetest wonder

And though the chores this charge will ask
May seem but common duty
The love that draws Her to its task
Makes it a thing of beauty

…where she knows she cannot forsake
This sacred call, no never
 She will be stretched but will not break
For heartstrings cannot sever

And oft, though weary to the core
From a Source deep within her
She finds the strength to sweep the floor
Or clean up a late dinner

…to kiss, hug, hold, and oh, let go
As years scatter behind her
She, Keeper of the home, ‘they’ know
Where they can always find her

Her role of day-by-day lent grace
Is unlike any other
Nobody else can take the place
That God designed for Mother

© Janet Martin

*I have a niece waiting anxiously, SO anxiously/eagerly to become a mother! 
I do so hope she will be able to celebrate Mother's Day as a first time mommy!
 Thinking of you lots, Brittany!
Hang in there. It will happen and though the thought that motherhood NEVER ends can feel terrifying at first,(she expressed this and I remember feeling exactly like that!)
 we would never trade it for the world, 
and like every other call in life, it comes one day at a time, 
but unlike any other call in life God places to our care living souls! 
This is a charge like no other!


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