Sunday, May 6, 2018

Not The Same...(as being there)

 Imagination, as fine as it's flight is, 
Cannot transport us by pictures or fact
No matter how well we tell it or write it
Thought grasps but glimpses of full impact!
And we'll never be able to understand or care
As fully as those who can say "I've been there"

(This applies to traveling on a trip or traveling through ups and downs of life!)

Oh, you tell me it was lovely
Rave of moments fine and fair
But the truth is, there is nothing
Quite the same as being there

We are like a band of pilgrims
On time’s seasoned thoroughfare
Always looking through a window
Filled with scenes of “I’ve been there”

While the scenes of ‘you’ve been there’ oh
Though I try with all my heart
Are like reaching for a shadow
Or a phantom work of art

(I’ve heard tell of times and places
Castles, Ireland so green
Through your kind and smiling faces
I try to glimpse what you’ve seen)

But, my wildest fits of fancy
Or mind-sketches on the air
(Though quite grand) they never can be
Quite the same as being there

I tell you of scenes compelling
You attempt to feel the bliss
But the truth is, just the telling
Is not the same as the kiss

© Janet Martin

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