Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ode to Seasons

Rose would have loved an 'ode to rhubarb'; I opted for an ode to seasons because my personal relationship with rhubarb has not inspired an ode-worthy response. 
Maybe, however, after trying her Rhubarb-strawberry Scone recipe (which looks amazing), 
I might burst forth in a rhubarb-hallelujah ode😋

They rouse in humankind the luxury of ‘likelihood’
We wait, like children at a gate; they garnish field and wood
…and orchard slopes and garden nooks with hope’s rekindled flame
As season yields to season; each with its own claim to fame

Time’s invitation to glad expectation is a gift
An elemental kaleidoscope of colour set adrift
Where we, the meek recipients of nature’s bursting loom
Collect ribbons of rainbow tossed to fruit and flower-plume

Ho, ho, the ebb and flow of dawn to dusk turns a grand wheel
It seals with hold-and-letting-go fond echoes to a reel
Where, in thought’s tender looking back we learn to look ahead
And revel in each season’s joy rather than doleful dread

The lamplighter of laughter through the aftermath of years
Keeps the hunger of youth intact though its face disappears
And keens with humble, holy gratefulness our touch and taste
Knowing how soon the boon of Season yields to moment-haste 

A free-for-all fine festival of fare to celebrate
A work of art to cheer the heart or common dinner plate
A Hallelujah-hymn, where branches brim then dim until
The barren tree etched on rose dusk rouses a sad, sweet thrill

© Janet Martin

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