Monday, May 7, 2018

Oh, Tell and Tell and Tell

Jim reminds me I repeat myself too … every time I remind him we’ve already had this conversation
 (that conversation often relating to who someone is or their Freundschafft (genealogy) 
and I’m not much help in that department.
Some things I repeat are things nobody cares if they ever heard in the first place, 
but there are other things that bear repeating over and over 
because there is always a new generation that has not heard or learned it yet!

 Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children,
and their children to the next generation.
Joel 1:3

A child is taught by what they hear and see; with diligence
It behooves you and me to be faithful to Providence
To tell and teach the story of His love that never fails
His love that wore a crown of thorns, His hands pierced through with nails
His love that bore our punishment and paid sin’s awful price
Though sinless He, the Son of God, became sin’s sacrifice

His Love that moved the stone that sealed the tomb that could not hold
Love's triumph over death and hell; this story must be told
…and retold lest (oh God forbid) somebody has not heard
About the love that saves us from the judgement we deserved
The fullness of the cost that saves man from death’s awful end

Tell and retell the story how but once for all Love came
How sin's illusion of freedom disguised captivity
Until Love opened up our eyes and set the captive free
How what waits beyond sorrow’s cup is worth the suffering

How all who will believe are saved through Jesus Christ alone
His grace alone our merit through the power of shed blood
Oh, never cease to tell of love that seals the gates of hell
And saves the soul that never dies; oh, tell and tell and tell

© Janet Martin

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