Friday, May 25, 2018

Moment-ous Impetus

Here's to The Moment; the measure of years!
Forgive, oh Lord, when by the transport of an idle thought
I do not cherish what I hold but mourn for what is not
The Past is cast in vaults without a keyhole or a key
Hope’s ‘phoenix from the ashes’ a present-activity

The banner of ‘new mercy’ billows from the eastern scrim
No fetter can bar heaven from masterpieces of Him
Where faithful to His promises the Lord does not forget
But fills our present with moments that are not memories…yet

© Janet Martin

Sometimes for a flicker I find myself 'wishing
when I admire the vigor of youth 
Time is much quicker than man can imagine; 
unveiling in its regale, timeless truth
And we admit as we dissect the 'wish' for what once was, 
how we would not go back in time
because with vim youthful, youth has to muster 
will for the big hill that they must still climb

The other day the whole Wishing Well delight began with 
a sweet sigh from Little Girl 'wishing it would be Christmas again'. 
Oh, are you sure you wish it was Christmas? I asked. 
because, with that wish comes something else...winter!"
Quickly she changed her mind and decided she doesn't want Christmas after all.

This little exchange got me to thinking about how when we examine our own 'wishes' often they are hinged to things we would never wish for again...
I remember being much younger,(ah, blissful youth:) sitting on the couch bursting into tears 
( something I did NOT do regularly) but Jim's pickup had quit on his way to work and we needed to call a tow-truck and I told him after adding up the bills, we are not going to make it!
but we did, in the same way our ancestors did 
and in the same way our young people will; 
one day at a time!

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