Thursday, May 17, 2018

In Mindful Gratefulness

“and I thank Thee for each one of them” prays a sweet mother with dementia, for her family...
Sometimes she gets up in the middle of the night and cooks breakfast,
Every morning (whenever her morning might begin) she prays and reads her Bible though her mind is robbed of comprehension, others witness her faith nurtured by years of faithfulness…

When I contemplated what I might do by sheer routine and habit in the morning I decided,
 "yikes! I think I'd pour about 18 cups of coffee but forget to drink them!"
Definitely room for improvement and mothers like this remind us that Now really matters
...because collected Nows make a life!

Lord, let me live each day to day
In mindful gratefulness to Thee
And always thank you when I pray
For Hope and home and family

For every blessing you allow
Lord, let me credit it to You
And never overlook somehow
The honor of love’s humble due

Then, when the best of days are spent
And what we have is what we had
May we have learned to be content
And still find reason to be glad

© Janet Martin

A line from this message that made me hit replay...

"God allows us to be tested to do what?
to strengthen us, encourage us and help us to be able to endure;
not EVER to defeat us
but always to enable us to grow in our Christian life..."

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