Wednesday, May 30, 2018

To-do List

Some to-do lists, if we keep busy are not too hard...

(Hopefully on this almost-June day we can find lots of outdoor chores!)
This is a super-duper perk of childcare!
Lots of outdoor 'chores'...

...some to-do lists are impossible on our own!

But in action and truth
In both older age and youth
In meek and gentle grace
Like He who answered not a word
And unjustly accused, yet gave
The gift of His own life
A bleeding sacrifice

Yet never count the cost
So many are still lost
He in our very selves achieved
To never try to understand
Whose love is mercy’s chief demand

Then come what may we know
From He who loves us so
We hear; To love, love, love
Lest ‘form of godliness’ veneer
Denies the power thereof
To never underestimate
To holy King of kings

To live as if this day He made
For what is never Past
Before Forever-ness
To touch Time’s stretch of holy ground
With sacred mindfulness
To praise the Name of He who gave
To bear in mind that earthy grave

© Janet Martin

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