Wednesday, May 16, 2018

May-day Loom-in-essence/Luminescence

Sigh...but I need to say it; today we are over halfway through May
So, don't waste a minute of what is still in it! 
Remember a month ago?

Some Then and Now shots

(I hope you feel the tug and release of this poem; I wrote the first four lines in each stanza with 8 syllables but then the last 4 lines with 7 to change the tempo a little)

After starker, darker hours
Worlds are washed and splashed with flowers
Nature dons its purest essence
Budded bower wakes and spills
Sheen of green to trees and hills
Where earth’s mirth and majesty
Runs its poem to the sea

Fills the rill with lilting lyric
Tempts the wander-stricken spirit
To climb twilight’s shadow-ladder
Listen to leaf’s lisping chatter
Lie beneath wreaths of perfume
Pink with breath of apple-bloom
Where the sky and beck and lea
Runs awry with poetry

Heart soft-tugged twixt please and thank-Thee
Art of season origami
Like the bud still filled with myst’ry
Life unfolds what soon is his’try
Storm and sunshine coalesce
Quill of thorn spills hunger’s rose
Still of morn wills wonder’s woes

Listen to past’s prelude playing
Daybreak glistens with decaying
May-days murmur through emotion
Like a river to the ocean
Wows us where expectancy
Turns today to poetry
Lures us with pure lust for life
Where the dust of death runs rife

© Janet Martin


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