Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Devil is a Sportsman...

The devil loves a challenge; yes, and decorates the sin
Where with his lariat of lust might draw his victims in
Or with the boast of busyness or with the idle mind
The best of good intentions to the worst outcome of all
Too wrapped in Self-attention to surrender to God’s call

The devil sets a snare where weakness eyes temptation’s tray
And all who dare to live without God’s armor will fall prey
There is no halfway in between; no one can serve two Gods
And evidence is always seen where Choice outweighs facades
Then pray that the confession of our faith will shed the old
As the new man seeks treasure greater than silver and gold

The devil knows that pleasure for the moment will appease
The guilt, and gloats as longing yields to evil’s expertise
Where what seemed good at first did not supply true happiness
Then as we trust Him and obey His power is unfurled

© Janet Martin

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