Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Life Is Precious, Serious Business

 Life is serious business~
Charles Stanley


Life is a precious business full of pressures, plans and cares
Its payoff drains our pockets, spills in teardrops, smiles and prayers
It seasons tides that rush and recede with sunrise and set
To wash away what is with what the morrow will beget

Life is a serious business no one can afford to waste
Time is more than mere moments moving through man’s touch and taste
It draws us through a Door that opens to Forevermore
Thus we should give more earnest heed to what none should ignore

Life is a gift; its business more than moneyed merchandise
Or hustle-bustle hold, let go, or hellos and goodbyes
And if God granted just one glimpse of what Death will achieve
Not one soul would be lost for all would repent and believe

Life is a sacred business; busyness for all its good
Should never be the reason for not seeking who we should
For Time is such a little place; and then, eternity
Oh, God forbid we think that life exists in what we see

© Janet Martin

Although I live in Canada our troubles are much the shameful same!

We live in foolish times...
Pondering Principles
by Dr. Alan K. Snyder

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