Monday, September 23, 2019

I Have Lived Long Enough To Learn A Little

 Oh, the pleasure and pain of being a housewife/homemaker and mother!
Yes, it will rain after we've decided that the rain is over
so we hang out the laundry
because the sun is beaming and the weather said
'clearing in the afternoon'
and then we are just ready to back out the lawn mower 
when we hear a strange sound...sudden downpour!
 So the plans to till the garden or dig potatoes
after lawn-mowing are put on hold as well...😐

I have lived
Long enough to reap
The rewards of selfishness
And unselfishness as well
I have uttered more prayers
And shed more tears
And smiled more smiles
Than a little poem can spell

I have learned
That motherhood
Is good
In spite of bad days
Now and then
And that hard work
As well as laughter
Is good medicine

I have lived
Long enough to see
That we reap
What we sow
That discipline
Or the lack thereof
Will eventually
Definitely show

I have learned that it can rain
While the sun shines
(Or does the sun shine
While it rains?)
That the truth comes out
Sooner or later
Though to hide it
We took great pains

I have learned
That we grow old
Much quicker
Than I thought
That life 
and people 
and plans change
But never God

I have learned
That He is patient
And loving and patient
And merciful
Through and through
And forgiving and patient
And kind and patient,
And therefore we should be too

© Janet Martin


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