Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Flying and Dancing Lessons

 A year ago hubby and I were enjoying a 30-year wedding-anniversary get-away.
We find ourselves reliving some of the past a bit...'a year ago today we were'...
but for the most part the present takes all our focus/faith to 'fly and dance'.
...for as Present spills it fills the past!

I love the way the friendly day beams over land and sea
And sets the wheels in motion that turns time to history
What lies before us who can know but He who grants the chance
To try our wings of faith to fly and feet of clay to dance

I love the way the season-reel keeps stealing our breath
And teaches us to revere now and here’s prelude to death
What lies behind us who can change; but now, ah, see yon Door
Unfurling a new highway that no one has tread before

I love the way Today is always new; hip-hip-hooray
To rejoice and be glad in He who gives and takes away
Because God works for our good; His timing is not ours
But Loving Kindness tends His brood and strews the world with flow’rs

I love the way He does not leave us or forsake us, no
Though sometimes He reminds us of the grace whereby we go
Still, each new day that He has made is like a gift God grants
To try our wings of faith to fly and feet of clay to dance

© Janet Martin

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