Friday, September 6, 2019

Dear Moms...

Dear moms,
I hope we all have someone we can pour out to when we need it!
Moral mom-support is HUGE no matter how old our 'kiddos' are...(so I am learning!)
A few years ago for Mother's Day all the women in our congregation
 received a little pebble with a heart painted on it. 
It was to be a visual reminder that God loves us. 
Somehow recently that pebble disappeared from the window-ledge by my kitchen-sink...
maybe someone didn't know it was a teeny pebble with a BIG purpose!
Last week one of the youngsters I babysat made this for me
which will now take its place 'cause its vital for moms to remember
 God loves us and we can 'cry/lean/pray' on His shoulder any time! 

We all have days where we feel like the world’s worst mother; don’t give up
This is the flipside of sweet times that fill and overflow joy’s cup
We all have moments when we cry ‘I don’t know how to do this, God’
He helps us not to spoil the child by withholding the ‘training rod’

We all have nights when we feel like our being is frayed through and through
For it comes down to this my dear; while they learn we are learning too
And sometimes it is hard to tell who is the teacher, who the child
In the mish-mash of chores and a crash course in parenting run wild

We all have times when we would quit if that was somehow possible
But mom is mom forever to each darling little miracle
Where the only one-size-fits all advice that any mom might say
Is’ take it one prayer at a time’; a child is not raised in a day

© Janet Martin

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