Thursday, September 19, 2019

But Ah, Ink

Sometimes after a particularly draining day
 I need a good poem-purge before I tackle the tail-end of tasks 😊

You walk through rooms that talk cannot quite enter, but ah, ink
Can drown out frowning skeptics and the fear that of what They think
You put your arm around my sigh and draw me to that place
Where chaos and commitment and clemency interlace

You do not bid me hurry for the clock is running out
But like a patient teacher you encourage when I doubt
You listen while I pour out fondest joy and deepest woe
And never tell me halfway through, ‘excuse me, I must go’

You probe beneath the surface, go where none have gone before
And urge the poet onward till the surge rushes the shore
You bid her brave the waters that her voice would never dare
Until your ink-splurge fathers something akin to a prayer

© Janet Martin

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